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JDI Multi Stem with added stem cell

nutrition support.

Click here for your "Copy Cat Secrets". Following this system step by

step can help to grow your down line. There are two important facts to

understand in network marketing.

1. People join others they Like and Trust and...

2. You must work as a Team, Leverage, Duplicate, and Reward the Willing.

Step #1 Co-op Advertising

Advertising is critical to all businesses. Without advertising most will fail

in months if not sooner. So how do you advertise effectively? I

recommend you form an advertising co-op whereas you can pool your

money together to help offset the expense. Make sure you only use

approved ads that the company allows. I try to keep my ads neutral like

the one above "Copy Cat Secrets". Always advertise in places that

focus on attracting like minded people such as Home Business

magazines, etc.

Step #2 Picking the right product.

Pick a product to promote that is consumable on a monthly basis that has appeal.

The nutrition supplement business is a billion dollar industry and most of the

supplements you buy in stores are not all that great. Most of our products

are Patented and Patent pending so that should give you an idea on the quality of

our JDI product line. Stem cell nutrition is the FUTURE of

powerful supplements to hit the market. Our products do not contain any

embryonic stem cells. Our products only help increase your body's production of

Adult Stem Cells.

Step #3 Mailing the FREE Report

When your Co-op Leads start pouring in you need to assign them to

your co-op members. I have a special dedicated page called

"Tag My Lead" whereas you can tag your lead and mail them a

FREE Report. Your FREE Report should contain a beautiful flyer, cover

letter introducing yourself, FREE postcards marketing information, and

compensation information.

*IMPORTANT* Always call your lead to verify their address before mailing out the FREE Report. This is the way to VERIFY your lead and a great time to introduce yourself and let them know who you are and what you are mailing them. Try to learn a little about them and let them know that you are here to help them. "People join others they like and trust." Let them know that you will follow up in a few days to see if they received it and invite them to the weekly conference call.

When you follow up you can offer them some FREE Postcards, Leads and Flyers if they join you. You can even offer to match the offer by mailing out FREE Reports on their behalf. Remember, "You have to work as a Team, Leverage, Duplicate, and Reward the Willing."

Step #4 Reward your co-op members

Success comes from the top down, not the bottom up. Therefore,

consider Rewarding your co-op members for their Participation by

placing their JDI affiliate link into a Team Rotator. For example, when

you click on our "Join JDI Opportunity" page it will rotate the co-op

members affiliate links who are in the co-op. 

Cover Letter to send out with your FREE Report


Thanks for your interest in joining our unique Team. We have been changing lives one person at a time and look forward to helping you succeed.

It’s a well know fact that in order to be successful you must have a product that is life changing along with a System that is easy to Duplicate.

“It’s all about helping others... Success comes from the top down, not the bottom up.”

In order to be successful you must work as a Team, Leverage, Duplicate, and Work with the Willing.

People join others they like and trust and the growth of our team is proof that our System works.

The enclosed FREE Report will help to serve you in making a decision to join our team. The flyer contains

an affiliate link for you to join under if you mail in the information. If you decide to join me, I will send you some FREE Postcards with Leads, and colored flyers to help you build.

Simply mail in the registration form or visit my affiliate link online at to get your spot now.

If you have any questions feel free to contact me.


If you are Mailing out Postcards through the Learn2Profit team then here is the follow up letter for those who responded to your Postcard.

Hi, thank you for requesting your Free Info-Pak! You should have received it by now from the Learn2Profit Team. You will be enrolled directly under me should you decide to join. I’m excited you are interested in joining our Team. If you are serious about making money, want to work with a Team that is dedicated to your success, and want to be associated with a team that will support you 100% - then you’ve found a home with us and JDI International!

We are building a Powerful Team!

My team continues to grow due to our Amazing Postcard Marketing System. We searched for the right company and JDI is our company of choice! JDI can be your company of choice too.

Our Postcard Marketing “SYSTEM” combined with JDI's Compensation Plan is Powerful. Everything is explained in the Package you received. You can plug into our SYSTEM and start making money by simply mailing out postcards! We know how to build a BIG TEAM!

Why I Joined JDI:

  • People are tired of failure and money games.
  • People can get started for only $29 a month.
  • Guaranteed unlimited FREE postcards to new members.
  • We mail out the Free Reports for you.
  • JDI's compensation plan pays 20% first level – so people can get paid more money – Faster.
  • JDI also pays a 40% Fast Start Bonus, and 10% To your up line Sponsor
  • Patented Products that WORK and have mass appeal.

I encourage you to get started on our team!

Look over your information package closely. For your convenience, my phone number is listed below. You can get started for as little as $29 (or about $1 a day) but the important thing is to get started. You may have already sent in your Activation Form; if not, just complete this one and mail to JDI.

Let's Build Your Road to Financial Independence Together.

The information in our package is changing lives; now, it’s your turn!

I look forward to working with you. Please let me know if you have questions.

Mark Recker, Team Member w/JDI